1: Covalt Consortium Office
2: Town Hall
3: Finneas’ Feed and Tools
4: Borrium’s Beer Emporium
5: Merchant District
6: Townsfolks Houses
7: Titan Temple
8: Kalahan’s Trading Post

The Town of Kios is relatively new, every building has been built in the last 5 years. Most structures are made of lumber, with the exception of the Consortium Office, the Temple, the local blacksmith and the Large houses of the 3 merchants that own the three major businesses in town. The town receives all of its income from buying furs and trophies from the local trappers and hunters, and also buying lumber from small local logging companies that are starting to explore the farthest reaches of the Darvel Pass

The Town has a local Magistrate that collects taxes on behalf of the Quorid Empire and who also resolves any disputes that may arise between the local populace. Most of the town folk work for either of the local stores, the tavern or work in the logging yard. There is a large population in the outlying land that frequently return to the town to sell their wares, restock on goods or for human companionship.

The local temple is seldom used, they run service on every sabbath but only the locals come in attendance. Most of the frontiersmen that frequent the town have little use for the Titans. The Head priest makes an effort to encourage more attendance but new parishioners are usually scared away by the ancient gnomish priest that seems to have an obsession with sculpting statues. Garrium Boreeze is an ancient gnomish cleric of Forzetti, but his forgetful memory, obsession with sculptures and cooky mannerisms repel most people.

Finneas Borrium is a grizzled veteran of the Battle of the Darvel Pass. After retiring from the Consortium he used his pension to build the local tavern, Borrium’s Beer Emporium, and also the more popular of the two trading posts in town, Finneas’ Feed and Tools. He prides himself on his establishments and is a strong presence in the town of Kios.

The Consortium Office marks the farthest reaches of the Consortium’s greedy reach. From here they direct all of the Consortium’s business in the far reaches of the Darvel Pass. This compound is the last piece of civilization that many Consortium troops see before heading into the wilderness of Darvel Pass.


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