Quorid Empire

The Quorid Empire rule the continent of Ellada with an iron fist. The Empire is ruled by the Artisan Titan, Forzetti, and a high council of gnomish lords,wizards and clerics. The High Council interprets his will and pass laws and make judgements in his name.


The Empire is an alliance between three powerful kingdoms, the gnomish, the Wickering Dwarves and the Duergar Dwarves. Forzetti declared the gnomes as the rulers of the dwarves, and the dwarves submitted to his might.

The Wickering Dwarves act as the military arm of the Empire, in it’s early days they were in charge of expansion, and fending off threats from wild goblins and the savage orcs. They are also master sailors, and their fish feed half of the Empire. Recently their power has waned as they are relegated to protecting the Old Empire, and the Duergar Dwarves are leading the colonization of the Darvel province. They are no longer the second most powerful kingdom in the Empire.

The Duergar Dwarves are run as a large company, the Covalt Consortium, controlled by a ruthless board of directors. They have spent many years as the lesser power in the Empire, but when the Darvel Province opened up for colonization they gained their chance to upset the balance. They had been preparing for this for many years, breeding more and more goblin slaves, hiring human mercenaries and preparing to invest heavily in this new opportunity. Their heavy taxes on loggers, furriers, and their complete control over all mining endeavors in the province have filled their coffers and allowed them to become almost as powerful as the gnomish kingdom itself.

Quorid Empire

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